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Life Skills

What Are Life Skills?

A Life Skill is information that Barry Taplin has written and copyrighted to this One Site only.

We are sure this information will help you through the path of life; they fall under different headings that are easily accessed by clicking the button on the right to the information that will help you.

Mind Your Head UK has broken this information down into a number of Life skills for the reasons mentioned below:

1) You can get straight to the information that is relevant to you without having to read or purchase a complete book.

2) It is accessible now! .....for just £8 for 4 weeks.

3) Once read and confirmed by you a certificate will become available to you on-line with your name / date and the Life Skill that you participated in for you to print for your records.

4) You will become part of the Customer Mind Your Head UK family and you will be the first to know of any new skills that come on board.. Naturally you can unsubscribe at any time without any commitments.

For those that need a personal coach or 100% confidential advice from the comfort of their own PC, this is also available if you click the Coaching button.

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