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About the founder of Mind Your Head UK

Barry Taplin (Member of the Association of Coaching)  

Barry was born in the UK and still lives in a leafy Sussex village in England with his wife Val. Barry & Val have been married for 34 years so a good couple to gain the experience needed for a truly great relationship and ask yourselves how that can happen in this day & age? They have 2 sons.

The experience Barry has accumulated over the years (some details below) is as vast as it is broad which has enabled him to see all aspects of how people run their lives and COULD easily improve if the desire is there.

Association for Coaching

Management Experience

Barry has over 30 years of management / consultancy experience. In particular in the IT and systems world working for a number of blue chip companies which included IT / Engineering / Publishing & Telecommunications . (Read some of the testimonials which are genuine and from people he has helped along the way.) This philosophy by Aristotle is key to the skills that Barry teaches and that you can read for just £8!

Anyone can become angry that is easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right reason, and in the right way that is not easy. Aristotle, The Nicomachean ethics.

Barry is a certified Senior Management Interviewer for a leading UK company and has interviewed many hundreds of people ranging from young folk just out of school looking for their first job to senior management roles in corporate business & government in and outside the UK.

General Election

Barry stood in the United Kingdom General Election and after being given a team of just 6 people within his constituency he developed thousands of votes for himself & party within a short 8 week period that he was given. Barry created a network of teams and was rated in the top 6 of 550 achievers in his particular area within that UK General Election and retained his deposit.. all within less than 8 weeks of setting up and forging ahead with just 6 people. Barry was also an elected Councillor as well as a School Governor.

Business Owner

Barry has been the Director of two businesses that he owned and ran very successfully encompassing all aspects of those businesses from the initial set up and marketing to the purchasing and supplier management & negotiating roles. He fully understands and appreciates the difficulties of the small business owner as well as corporate philosophy.

Help Desk Institute (HDI)

Barry has been a member of the Help Desk Institute for many years as well as being part of a small worldwide HDI team of experts that prepared the standards that Helpdesks / Call Centres around the world would need to comply with if they wished to gain this renowned & respected accreditation. Barry saw this as not just about providing a quality response to a service and customers needs but going much deeper and evaluating how people psychologically respond in life be it work or play and how this could be improved within their life as well their family, friends and work colleagues if the desire is there.


This site shows that Barry Taplin not only writes in a pleasant easy to read jovial fashion but passes information across in a form that is clear, unambiguous and in an extremely helpful manner to anyone who wishes to view and seek his advice.


Barry is Chairman of a local cross party non political organisation that is investigating the transparency and workings of the European Union together with over 30,000 of its Diktats.

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