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1:1 Coaching

What to expect from your session.
Up to 90% of Life Coaching is now conducted over the telephone, but if you prefer a face to face that can be arranged.

You & I will discuss the main issue that is concerning you and work towards a solution. It may relate to work or home. Is it a major decision and you need to find out how to find the answer? You may be lacking in confidence or you may be at a roadblock and have no one you can talk to in total confidence on how to find the answer.

If you need that help to find a way through why not call. I make NO judgement and will be pleased to work through the issue with you to open up your life once again.

If you want to simply ask me what the process is or what happens in a session with no commitment do not hesitate to contact me directly on 01273 891337.

If you want to make an appointment call me and together arrange a convenient 45 minute slot. You then pay by completing the Coaching form on this site. When your session is due you then call at the given time. It’s that simple.

One x 1:1 Session is £75 per 45 minute

Four x 1:1 Session package is £240 over a 13 week period

Payment in Advance via paypal. To Barry@MindYourHeadUK.com

Call now for an appointment or to find out a little more. Tel: 01273 891337

Personal Email Advice

This is a special service for those that feel a question via your PC for one reason or another such as you may be outside the UK as Mind Your Head UK.com is international. Or you feel it is a more cost & time effective way to make contact with someone like Barry.

Mentors & Coaches will charge a high price for face to face meetings and this service is aimed at bridging that gap and allows many more people to gain advice that otherwise they would not have access to.

If you wish to have a question answered by Barry Taplin, then please fill in the following form and submit at a cost of £75:

Name *
Phone no
Email *
Re-type Email *
Enquiry type*
Hear about us?*

Barry will review your question (500 words maximum) as an on-line mentor, coach & adviser and give his advice confidentially on-line via a secure log-on. (Please expect from 24 to 72 hours turn round). Each request is reviewed & replied to by Barry ONLY. No other staff at Mind Your Head UK will view any details or any answers as this is a Personalised Service.

Who is this for? This is a specialised service for anyone who feels that this would be the best way for them to communicate and gain valuable advice from a leading Mentor & Coach from the comfort of your own PC.

Have a great life you only get one! & Remember

'Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries'

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